Hatred release set for 1st June, Steam's first 'Adults Only' game

Hatred trailer screen 2

Destructive Creations announce the release date of their contentious top-down shooter on PC with a new trailer for the game.

Hatred trailer screen 2

Remember Hatred? That super-controversial game which popped up about 6 months ago? Well it's getting a full release on Steam in little over a month's time - 1st June to be exact.

Hatred was given an AO (Adults Only) rating by the ESRB in the US and Canada, which means it will be the first AO rated game to appear on the Steam PC gaming platform.

Following Hatred's debut on Steam Greenlight last year it was pulled from the platform, only to be reinstated 24 hours later following some intervention by Valve MD Gabe Newell.

To mark the announcement of Hatred's launch date, developers Destructive Creations have released a new trailer. The overall tone and content of the new trailer is really graphic, so discretion is highly advised.

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