Is Boris on track to lead the Conservatives if David Cameron loses?

The latest YouGov poll, for the Sunday Times, suggests that Conservative voters, and those in general, think that Boris should lead if Cameron loses.

The poll follows a report by the Telegraph, which suggested that senior Conservatives are preparing to 'coronate' the Mayor of London as Conservative leader if David Cameron loses the election that is just days away.

Speaking about the report on Sunday, on the Andrew Marr show, Johnson claimed it was 'nonsense'.

Nonetheless, Johnson is popular and the latest YouGov poll indicates that he is the first choice amongst many to take over from David Cameron.

For all voters who were asked who should take over, the results are as follows:

  • 31% Boris Johnson
  • 13% Theresa May
  • 5% George Osbourne
  • 4% David Davis
  • 15% said none and 29% said they did not know

As for Conservative voters only, Boris Johnson was even more popular:

  • 48% Boris Johnson
  • 14% Theresa May
  • 9% George Osbourne
  • 2% David Davis
  • 4% said none and 19% said they did not know.

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Whilst Boris has - yet again - dismissed leadership reports he is undoubtedly popular. If he wins his seat in May and Ed Miliband ends up as Prime Minister then 2015 could be the year that Boris gets one step closer to Number Ten.

And perhaps another towards the position of ‘World King’, a position his sister said he aspired to when he was younger, as reported by the BBC.

See the full results of the poll here.


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