Nigel Farage on course to win South Thanet, suggests new poll

Nigel Farage with UKIP

The poll, conducted by Survation, suggests that Nigel Farage could be set to enter the Commons as an MP in less than two weeks time.

The poll gives the following results:

UKIP 39%. Conservatives 30%. Labour 26%. Greens 2%. Liberal Democrats 2%.

The poll will be good news for Nigel Farage who hopes to lead UKIP from inside the Commons come May.

Previous polls have put UKIP behind the Tories and have even suggested it could be a three-way contest with Labour close behind the other two (for example in Ashcroft's polls), but this poll could be a sign that things are changing with less than two weeks to go.

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As it stands, UKIP’s share of the vote nationally has fallen in the last couple of months - if opinion polls are to be believed - and due to the UK’s voting system the party is unlikely to gain more than a handful of MPs in May. However, as a hung parliament looms they could still play a role. In the event that no two parties added together make a majority it looks likely that every seat could count. The number of seats UKIP gets could be crucial to the shape of the next government, depending on how the parties cooperate overall.

The constituency Nigel Farage is standing in has been one of the most polled in the run up to the election and this poll suggests that Farage could be off to Westminster in two weeks time.

If not, who knows what direction the party will take in the coming years.


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