SNP remaining strong in Scotland with 16 days to go

A new YouGov poll reiterates the strength of the SNP in Scotland, putting them well ahead of any other party.

The poll gives the following results for Scottish Westminster voting intentions:

If the above results were repeated in the election in just 16 days time the SNP would likely take a substantial majority of the seats in Scotland and Labour would lose a significant number, as would the Liberal Democrats.

Such results would be fantastic news for Nicola Sturgeon’s party. The results suggest that in the event of a hung parliament, the SNP could be the ones holding the balance of power. The party has ruled out working with the Conservatives - something even written into their manifesto - but have said they would be prepared to work with Labour, but not in a formal coalition.

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Furthermore, the poll also suggests that, despite Labour holding steady at just 25% and the SNP remaining on 49%, Scots approve of Miliband more than they did a couple of weeks ago. Whilst 62% did say that they think that Ed Miliband is doing a bad job as Labour leader (down from 70% in the start of April), 31% said they thought he was doing a good job - up an impressive seven points from 24%.

More people think he is doing a bad job, but the jump in personal support is significant for him, suggesting that people are warming to the idea of Prime Minister Miliband.

However, this jump in approval is not reflected for the Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy. 32% said they think Murphy is doing well, down two points from earlier this month. 54% disagree (up two points). His approval is still higher than Miliband's (just) but it appears he is not benefiting from Miliband's growing approval ratings.

Overall, whilst the poll shows a jump in approval for Miliband, Labour's polling is not improving. The SNP are not budging from the high forties and with just three weeks to go it's hard to imagine that things will change.

The full results of the poll can be found here. 1,111 GB adults were interviewed by YouGov (for the Times) between the 16th and 20th April.


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