All the Mortal Kombat X fatalities in one place

Mortal Kombat X Goro art 1

If you're wondering what all the fatalities look like in Mortal Kombat X, look no further.

NetherRealm Studios' latest addition to the Mortal Kombat series - Mortal Kombat X - launched worldwide yesterday. And as many of you familiar to the series will know, those fatalities are a big part of the games.

If you've been playing MKX you'll have no doubt seen some of the new fatalities - maybe you've dished a few out yourself, or maybe you've been on the receiving end of some.

Each fighter in MKX appears to have two fatalities at their disposal, from what I've seen in my own time with the game, and with a total of 29 fighters, that equals a lot of gruesome deaths.

If you'd like to see all the fatalities found so far, check out the video from MKIceAndFire's YouTube channel below. Oh, and I should warn you, as if I need to, that there's plenty of blood, gore, and disturbing scenes within. Enjoy?

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