How to make The Order: 1886 more exciting... play in black and white?

The Order 1886, London City

PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886, which was panned by critics for being dull despite stunning graphics, has a brand new Photo Mode.

Gamers can now compose, capture and share their shots of Neo-Victorian London thanks to a new patch for the third-person action shooter.

Widely criticised for its overkill on Quick Time Events, lack of action, lack of mulitplayer, basic gameplay and shortness, The Order: 1886 has been in need of a boost, with sequels already in the pipeline.

So developers have come up with Photo Mode, which even allows PS4 gamers to play the entire game in black and white... One way to make a dull game more ... contrasting?

In an announcement on Sony's PlayStation.Blog website, a spokesman for developers Ready At Dawn, said: "We took a slightly different approach with our version of Photo Mode, while trying to keep many aspects of it familiar so that users would immediately feel at home using the feature, which includes a fully untethered camera."

A tutorial video (below) has also been released and a spokesman explained how the ability to play the game with your own selected Colour Grading was added: "Want to see what it feels like if you play through it in high-contrast, gritty, black & white? Since The Order: 1886 is completely rendered in real-time with no pre-rendered frames, you’re able to play in a customised look from beginning to end. If at any time you want to change Color Grading styles during gameplay, simply enter Photo Mode and make your adjustment. You can also reset the option if you wish to play the game as it was originally intended."


The Photo Mode plays on the game's biggest strength, its jaw-dropping depiction of a gritty Neo-Victorian London during the times of Jack the Ripper. The graphics are so good they are rated as the best ever seen in a video game. The Order: 1886's reputation suffered after its release, though, averaging 63/100 on Metacritic.

A spokesman added: "We hope you’ll enjoy this fun new tool and we can’t wait to see what incredible images you’ll create with Photo Mode and The Order: 1886. Good luck, and good shooting!"

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