What you need to know about the 2.5 update for PlayStation 4

PlayStation Plus on PS4

A host of improvements, new features and connectivity are packed into the latest Sony PlayStation 4 update which has gone live.

According to the gaming giants "the world’s most powerful console just got better", and it's difficult to argue with them.

With nearly 25 million units in homes worldwide, any update to the PS4 is a big deal. Sony have not disappointed either cramming some genuinely exciting features into 2.5 which will make a difference to the experience for gamers.

So what are the key things you need to know about the update? Now there are even more ways to play, stay connected and share your gaming moments.

Gamers can now utilise the brand new 'system suspend and resume' feature which means if you need to take a break from the action, now you don’t have to quit your game and turn off your console before you've found a save point - Bloodborne fans rejoice! That's because suspend and resume lets you pause your game, put your PS4 into Rest Mode, and then hit the PS button later when you’re ready to jump back into play.

Most gamers will already have a well established and honed friends list for gaming as you tend to play online with people you actually like and speak to in real life. In fact, if most of us are honest, it is probably quite the opposite with a large portion of our Facebook friend lists. Therefore the addition of a new 'Facebook friend searching' feature probably won't have you rushing to download 2.5, but for people new to PlayStation it could prove quite useful.

If you're into trophies and achievements great, if you're into sharing them... well that's your prerogative, I suppose (show off!). But now you can 'share the glory' so that every time you win a trophy, a screenshot will automatically be captured ready to post out to the world via social media. There are also new ways to organise your personal trophy collection, including a filter to remove any games from your list that have 0% completion.

One of the most crucial elements of the update, and something that should have been on PS4 from day one, is that you can now back up your data to an external storage device and restore your console to its original state. How a company like Sony did not include this from launch, and why it has taken nearly 18 months to introduce, is beyond me, I was doing it on Xbox 360 and PS3 years ago.

Another fantastic new option is the ability to customise the frame rate you use with what are my personal favourite PS4 features, Remote Play and Share Play. Some gamers may have noted that depending on connection speeds the gamer with whom you are sharing a session with has reduced graphics and slow down. My brother and I were recently playing Evolve on Share Play. I live in a town, he lives in a village. I was playing in full 60fps and running smoothly, his screen looked like Mincecraft on acid.

PS4 2.5 will change all that. You can now choose between 30fps and 60fps before starting a session.

Lastly, and for good reason as to me it is the least interesting part of the update, you can share your gaming video clips to Dailymotion with a touch of the SHARE button. Again an extra option that doesn't hurt and certainly adds to the overall package, but not a deal maker or breaker for me.

As I am sure most people will choose to do, you can update your system software to 2.5 direct to your PS4 or by downloading the update file to a USB device and then uploading in that way. PlayStation 2.5 is out now.

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