Miliband ahead of Cameron in approval ratings

A new poll by Survation, for the Daily Record, suggests that the public think Ed Miliband is a better leader than David Cameron in terms of net approval.

The poll gives the following voting intention results for all the parties:

Labour 35% (+2). Conservatives 31% (-1). UKIP 15% (-3%). Liberal Democrats 9%. SNP 5%. Greens 4%.

The four point lead could be suggesting that Labour are making gains with less than four weeks to go until the general election.

In addition to Labour’s lead, the poll puts Ed Miliband ahead of David Cameron. The poll put the leader of the opposition on +3.2% and the Prime Minister on 2.3%. According to Reuters, this is the first Survation poll in which Miliband has outperformed Cameron on being the better Prime Minister (since they started asking the question in January).

The poll is an interesting one as it suggests that Miliband is making gains, however, it is just one poll and it is unclear if Miliband will keep up this increase in popularity. This will be determined by future Survation polls in the run up to the general election in less than four weeks time.

It has been suggested that Miliband has seen a boost in approval from other polls. 'Labour List' have pointed out that a YouGov poll last week put the Labour leader on +4%, just four points behind the Prime Minister.

With the election less than four weeks away and neither of the main parties pulling dramatically ahead who knows if these new feelings towards the Labour leader will make a difference. Labour will certainly be hoping they have an impact.

Survation interviewed 1,111 people between the 8th and 9th of April. The full results of the poll can be found here.


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