Samurai Pizza Cats gets BluRay release

Samurai Pizza Cats

Classic Anime series to be released on BluRay for the first time.

Those of a certain age will remember saturday morning kids TV fondly and for those who watched ITV's What's Up Doc those memories will be filled with classic animation series such as Taz, Batman the animated series, Animaniacs and the totally bizarre and somewhat risque Samurai Pizza Cats.

Anime Publishers Discotek have now announced that they have licensed the legendary series for release on Bluray in standard definition. The BluRay features all 52 episodes and will be dubbed in English as opposed to the original Japanese with English Subtitles, but this isn't such a bad thing as most of us remember it from Kids TV in the UK, although it would be interesting to find out if it's half as packed with Innuendo as it's dubbed version.

 Samurai Pizza Cats BluRay

Samurai Pizza Cats tells the story of three heroes, Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther and Guido Anchoa who protect the animal inhabitants of Little Tokyo from the evil prime minister, Seymour "The Big" Cheese, and his henchmen Jerry Atric, leader of the Ninja Crows and Bad Bird, second in command of the Ninja Crows.

The plot, animation and dubbing were all completely barmy, with the narrator often breaking the fourth wall and discussing the bad animation or silly plot. The series hit headlines in the late '90s after it received many complaints from parents concerned by it's innuendo and flashing images. Watching it back as an adult it's easy to see why as it is packed with the kind of wordplay that would make your grandmother blush but that just adds to it's charm.

No release date has yet been confirmed but we can't wait to relive those memories.

In the meantime here is a video to wet your appetite.


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