Eidos 'fully committed to uncompromising Deus Ex experience'

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Eidos-Montreal games chief promises choice and consequence for gamers as RPG shooter Deus Ex: Mankind is officially announced for Sony PlayStation 4.

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Jean-Francois Dugas, Eidos-Montreal's executive game director, made the big announcement in his PlayStation blog which also features a stunning cinematic trailer for the latest game in the hugely popular franchise.

There was no mention of a release date, but the game is expected to hit our consoles in time for Christmas or early 2016.

Eidos teamed up with Square Enix's Visual Works studio on the trailer which introduces us to the 2029 setting for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, two years after the events of the last game, Human Revolution.

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Speaking on PlayStation.Blog, Jean-Francois ramped up the excitement by saying they are ready to take the series 'to the next level.'

He said: "Eight years ago, we set out to revive the Deus Ex franchise, which held a very special place in my heart both as a gamer and a developer. In 2011, after a lot of love and effort was put into it, we released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the very first game to be created at our studio.

"It was a terrific achievement for us, and we were more than ready to take the series to the next level."

Jean-Francois also revealed that Mankind Divided will see the return of Adam Jensen as the main character, who is now a counter-terrorism agent playing by his own rules. Equipped with all new augmentations, Jensen will travel across the world to unravel a vast conspiracy involving secret organisations, which are working behind the scenes in an attempt to control the fate of mankind.

The Eidos chief whet the appetite further, saying there would be "quite a lot to show gamers in the coming months."

He added: "We are fully committed to creating an uncompromising Deus Ex experience: choice and consequence is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be for story, gameplay, customisation or exploration."

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