How sleep can affect your job prospects

From Napoleon Bonaparte and Margaret Thatcher to Twitter founder and Square, CEO Jack Dorsey and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, many successful leaders have claimed they only need 4-5 hours of precious sleep a night.

They seem wired differently and shame the rest of us for craving eight hours of shut eye every night.

CNN reports that but for the majority of us - including many top CEOs and world leaders - this is certainly not the case, according to Dr. Tara Swart, an international neuroscientist and CEO of The Unlimited Mind. Missing a night of sleep can have quite a 'devastating' effect on our performance, Swart says.

'One to two percent of the population can survive on four hours of sleep a night', said Swart, 'but 7-8 hours is optimal for most of us', she claims.

Could the secret to success in your professional lives be linked to how well you sleep ?

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