Final Fantasy VI Opera Tribute Released

Final Fantasy VI

Vocalist Jillian Aversa and Cellist Tina Guo create tribute video for 21st anniversary of Final Fantasy VI

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will be very familiar with the iconic Opera scene from Final Fantasy VI and to celebrate its twenty first anniversary Square Enix have released a music video by Jillian Aversa (Halo, God of War, SoulCaliber) and Tina Guo (Journey, Diablo III, Call of Duty: Black Ops II) . The video sees the duo performing the classic music from the Opera scene "Aria de Mezzo Caraterre", which was originally composed by legendary video games music composer Nobuo Uematsu (Rad Racer, Final Fantasy I-XIV, Lost Odyssey).

Jillian Aversa will be familiar to many fans from the Video Games Live symphony tour and several top grossing video games releases over the past few years. 

"The arrangement began as a collaboration with my husband, Andrew Aversa (a.k.a. zircon), for the Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin project he directed on OverClocked ReMix," comments Jillian Aversa. "We added more orchestral elements when I started performing the piece with Video Games Live, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to record with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for our latest album, Video Games Live: Level 4!". 

As mentioned before Aversa is accompanied by renowned Cellist Tina Guo;

"I couldn't imagine a better cellist to feature on this piece," notes Aversa. "Tina has performed on a slew of videogame and film soundtracks, and her artistry is second to none! Director Landon Donoho and I thought it would be cool to film the two of us on the same 'stage' setting (actually a studio space in L.A.), but never together in the same shot. The rich red of Tina's dress and cello complemented my rose bouquet as the character Celes; we wanted her to represent the embodiment of love expressed through the music. As for my opera gown, I made it myself!"

You can view the tribute below.



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