Spurs fans respond to Keown and Marsh's comments about Harry Kane

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Tottenham Hotspur supporters have been discussing the 21-year-old striker.

Yesterday was an interesting day for Harry Kane despite the Spurs striker not actually having done anything.

Today was perhaps less enjoyable, with the 21-year-old Tottenham man losing out on his third player of the month award in a row courtesy of Olivier Giroud.

Back to yesterday, however, and there were pundits aplenty showering praise on Kane.

First off, Rodney Marsh suggested Manchester City should offer £75 million plus Edin Dzeko for the Tottenham striker - high praise indeed.

And Martin Keown also raved about how Kane linked up with fellow England forward Wayne Rooney.

Interestingly, though, there was criticism involved in both instances, with Keown questioning why it has taken the Spurs man this long to get to his current level. In response to Marsh's comments, meanwhile, Manchester City supporters hit back at his wild suggestion and asked questions of their own of Kane.

That, however, prompted an intriguing response from Tottenham fans in the comments section of HITC Sport's articles, who backed Kane both against Keown's comments and those of Manchester City fans.

Here's some of what they said about their 21-year-old striker...

Chris (Keown article) says: 'Is it a bad thing that he's 'emerged' late? He appears (from interviews at least) to be a well grounded and likeable kind of guy. He's slogged it out in the lower leagues and has earned his place in both the Spurs and England XIs. By contrast, one need only look at that horrible little brat at Liverpool spitting his dummy out over how he 'deserves' more than 35k a week to see what kind of reprehensible specimen the sport breeds when these children believe their own hype. Sterling isn't alone of course, but he's the most glaring example lately.'

Surrey-Spurs (Keown article) says: 'Does he remember Ian Wright ? He played with him long enough, and he was even older when he "came good". It really makes no odds when he matures as a player. He is probably better equipped mentally to "make it good" at a slightly older age.'

oldy*d (Keown article) says: 'It appears that Kane has had the correct coaching and protection over the years , the arguement is the proof in the pudding, not had his confidence squashed and not a young talent that was burnt out. COYS'

Michelle (Keown article) says: 'Lineker did not "arrive until 25. Not every striker is an Owen or a Fowler and blooms early. IMO it is experience plus confidence and when these two are right so is the player. Owen and Fowler blossomed early but faded in their late 20s. No two are the same and it is down purely to the player so Keown's point is rubbish. Kane has not shown such a degree of confidence until this season. Coaches have helped but it is his self belief that has made the difference, Remember Poc' did NOT want to use him although the THFC faithful shouted for him to be given a go. Just as well that he did.'

Willo (Marsh article in response to a City fan) says: 'Let's just say city were interested for the £30 million you say. Why would kane want to go to city? If he could go anywhere it wouldn't be city and I'd bet my soul on that! Why didn't you want bale then? Was he not good enough for you? Yes it's Kane's 1st full season and he has still managed to put your billion pound squad in his shadow. Trust me, you have no such worries of city buying kane. Flattery from your city legend will get him nowhere. COYS!'

c b waters (Marsh article) says: 'I don't know if Kane will kick on and repeat the feats of this season. I remember Clive Allen scored 49 goals in one season for Spurs in the late 80s, but he was no England striker, and did little of note for Sp urs either side of that one-off albeit spectacular season. Kane, I'm certain, is far better than Clive was and could be up there one day with Lineker and Klinsman etc., but even if he equals the shift Robbie Keane put in for Tottenham over the years, then I'll be pleased. I respect Rodney Marsh's opinion because he was one of the most exciting and talented English footballers of the 1960s and 70s, so I hope he's right about Kane.'

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