Fast & Furious 7 review – a satisfying global game of cat-and-mouse

Fast And The Furious 6 Theatrical Poster

As the marketing suggests, dark clouds hover over the latest instalment of stars in fast cars.

After Paul Walker’s death behind the wheel, how could anyone involved make light of a speed that self-evidently kills? One quick fix: the adoption of a newly reflective tone that sends these hotrods careening through graveyards and sets Vin Diesel, morphing inexorably into Telly Savalas, to pondering where all roads lead.

This holds until a vengeful Jason Statham initiates a global game of cat-and-mouse. Thereafter, it is business as usual, right down to the camera’s not-unproblematic habit of goosing every pit girl it approaches. Superior set pieces continue to sustain this most dumbly enjoyable of franchises: a terrifying aerial plunge into Azerbaijan precedes a colossal show of event-movie willy-waggling in Abu Dhabi, trouncing Mission: Impossible 4’s rearrangement of the Dubai skyline. Walker’s loss is noted, but barely felt; given the prevailing blokeishness, a certain former BBC motoring presenter could potentially fill in for Furious 8.

Powered by article was written by Mike McCahill, for The Guardian on Thursday 2nd April 2015 23.01 Europe/London

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