First-person multiplayer mod being created for Cities: Skylines

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Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order's city building sim is set to receive a multiplayer mod.

Cities: Skylines mods are in abundance ever since the game was released on 10th March, and a new mod is in the works to allow players to tour their cities in first-person mode, with their friends.

'Fr0sZ' - a modder - is currently working on creating the first-person mod which is a work-in-progress, but he has managed to implement two-player support so far.

Over YouTube (via PC Gamer) Fr0sZ said that the below video is "a first look at [his] multiplayer mod," and now he just has to "figure out what to do with it."

Take a look at the short video below which shows his current progress.

Take a look at the Reddit thread here to keep track of what ideas are floating around to add into this mod since Fr0sZ asked the community; "Anyone have any ides of fun things to do with this?" Some ideas speak of a GTA V style mode, where you could jump right into your cities to cause havoc.

I've been playing quite a lot of Cities: Skylines since it was given to me as an early birthday present, and the modding community have been hard at work to add to, and improve, the game; I even have Tony Stark's Stark Tower in one of my cities.

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