Dying Light will change for 24 hours on 1st April 2015

Dying light Screenshot 08

April Fool's Day will see Techland's zombie game, Dying Light, loosen up it's physics for the day.

It's April Fool's Day tomorrow and besides the usual flurry of brilliant, and often terrible internet pranks there will be a special event for owners of zombie FPS Dying Light.

Lasting only 24 hours, the event will kick off at 12:00am on 1st April, ending at 11:59pm on the same day.

The event is basically a modifier for certain physics in the game, allowing players to "experience some severe side effects". These side effects have occurred because of a "contimated batch of Antizine," an anti-zombie drug in the game, according to the devs.

The video below gives us a glimpse of what players can expect at midnight tonight and throughout tomorrow. It could be an excuse to the return the the game if you've already finished it, to experience some silliness for the day.

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