Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review – marvellous but murky action

There are two ways of looking at Xenoblade Chronicles.

In terms of mechanics, it’s nigh-on flawless – a brilliant example of Japanese RPG game design. It boasts a combat system combining real-time action with deep customisation, an engrossing story, and characters you genuinely grow to care for. In this sense, having been overlooked on the Wii, it’s great to have this modern classic more widely available.

Visually, however, it’s much trickier. Despite the ambitious title needing the more powerful New 3DS hardware, the device still has ridiculously low-res screens. It’s a real shame, as there’s clearly a beautiful world underneath the murky, indistinct graphics. Keep playing and despite the muddy screens it’s clear Xenoblade is a remarkable game, but sadly still not getting the treatment it really deserves.

Powered by Guardian.co.ukThis article was written by Matt Kamen, for The Observer on Monday 30th March 2015 08.00 Europe/London

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