WWE - John Cena talks Wrestlemania and Retirement

John Cena

Former WWE Champion and leader of the Cenation discusses his future.

John Cena is one the WWE's biggest stars and at the Wrestlemania press conference he discussed his future as well as the future of WWE as a whole.

Cena has been the subject of some speculation recently following reports that he was being blocked from a big TV series by WWE top brass, the rumours essentially saying that were he to pursue his acting career then he would have to leave the company.

The press conference doesn't go into the specifics of those rumours but by the sounds of it he is planning on staying with the company for some time yet.

You can read the key points from the conference below.

When asked about his punishing schedule Cena said;

"The long and short of it is I really like my job. Everyone always asks the question, 'How do you do it?'. I love working. You'll hear everybody say that, but I prove it. I'm not saying that to condescend anybody else's opinion, I'm saying it because I love it, truly. I want to be in this industry as long as I can, and I'm going to. When I'm a step slower than I should be and I shouldn't be out there, I'm not gonna be out there. That'll be very, very relevant to the entire audience - as you know they're very vocal. When it's time to go it'll be time to go."

He was then asked about his future in the industry and what else he hopes to achieve;

"If the chairman was sitting here you could say, 'Hey man, you took it from territory to nationwide and then you took it global. You started pay-per-views, you developed the WWE Network, you pretty much put everybody else out of business, what's next for you? He doesn't have a stopping goal. We can always go some place else. I really, really want the WWE to be able to perform on a regular basis in China. I think we should be able go to India on a regular basis I'm not the person who's booking Live Events, but whatever I can do to push that message forwards and help those things happen. WrestleMania is at Levi's Stadium. We should do every show in a stadium! And then we should build a bigger stadium. You can tell I still have passion for this. I really love it and we'll see what's next when we see what's next."

He then spoke about Wrestlemania and his involvement in the Rusev feud;

"The product has grown to such an extent that every match is a main event. The goal of everybody should just be to be involved at WrestleMania. "It's been a pleasure, it truly has, to see the excitement, to see the anticipation, to see the nerves... it's something that I still go through. To be able to be a life-long memory for a competitor's situation, a story they'll have to tell for the rest of their life, that's a pretty cool thing."

Next he discussed the United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship;

"From a competition perspective The US Championship doesn't need to be rebuilt. "Sheamus had it before Rusev, Rusev's had it, and has been undefeated. I think it's a beacon of achievement, I really do. Right now we're in a difficult situation with a WWE Heavyweight Champion who when he shows up does some damage, believe me. I think I spoke German after SummerSlam I took so many suplexes! But I wanna be able to have a viable, competitive championship that's available at every Live Event, at every television, at every special event, at every pay-per-view.On top of that, those who watch WWE know, I'm almost overly-patriotic. That's not a work, that's who I am. It gives me great pride, not only from a nostalgia factor to be the championship that I won at WrestleMania XX, but to be the bearer of the championship that essentially defines the United States."

John Cena will face Rusev at Wrestlemania 31 tonight (Sunday 29th March 2015) for the United States Championship.

Wrestlemania is available on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.


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