The Half-Life 2: Update mod could make you return to City 17

half life 2

A new, free community-made mod for Valve's classic Half-Life 2 game improves upon the original in many ways.

A Half-Life 2 mod, named Half-Life 2: Update, was made available for free on Friday via Steam. The mod is said to improve upon the original game and is said to make it "the most fully-featured and stable release of Half-Life 2 to date."

The mod was created by community modder Filip Victor, with help from the rest of the Half-Life community, and it features improved graphics, with plenty of bug fixes too.

You can take a look at the Half-Life 2: Update mod over here, and download it for free if you have a copy of the game. This handy brochure will also take you through the improvements the mod brings, so it's worth a look.

Make sure you check out the introduction trailer below, which skims over some of the improvements, such as new commentary by 'YouTube personalities', and more.

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