Ed Miliband to kick off Labour election campaign with promise of hope

Ed Miliband will launch his party’s election campaign on Friday morning at the Olympic Park in east London with a promise he will fight a campaign suffused with optimism and determined to show that Britain can do better than this.

He will claim Labour are the optimists and the Tories the pessimists and that the spirit of optimism will be at the heart of a campaign intended to get his party back into Downing Street after five years in opposition. 

Referring to the Tories he will claim: “They say: this is as good as it gets. We say: Britain can do better than this. Five million people paid less than the living wage.”

He will also claim that Britain has seen “an explosion of zero-hours contracts the like of which we’ve never seen before”.

Miliband will accuse David Cameron’s government of “giving tax breaks to the rich and leaving tax evaders and avoiders untouched”.

The government, he will assert, “has raised taxes 24 times on everyone else in just five years – the equivalent of 8p on the basic rate of income tax”.

He will say of the general election campaign: “Like so many races here during the Olympics, it will go to the wire. Neck and neck.”

But, in a bid to draw back SNP and Green voters, he will say there are only two possible outcomes and that the ballot “is not simply a choice between two different parties and two different leaders, but two different visions of our country”.

He will argue that the Tory vision believes “Britain succeeds when only a few at the top do well, with tax cuts for the very wealthiest and public services cut back to the very bone”.

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