Survey - These firms are the 'fairest' on pay to front office staff

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Who is top of the front office 'fairest bank' league table ?

 UBS and Credit Suisse are the most generous to their London senior front office staff among investment banks, as ranked by the ratio of average director bonuses to mergers and acquisitions revenue, according to

 Bloomberg News reports that Rothschild ranked third in the survey of 1,077 front office directors, with bonuses measured as a percentage of total M&A transactions in 2014, the salary benchmarking site said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday.

Fairest banks league table

RankFairest Employers
2 Credit Suisse
3 Rothschild
4 Deutsche Bank
5 Citigroup
6 JP Morgan Chase
7 Barclays
8 Morgan Stanley
9 Bank of America Merrill Lynch
10 Goldman Sachs

How employer fairness is calculated : (2014 Total M&A income of Bank] / (Average Director bonus of Bank)

Average bonus by bank

Average Bonus By Bank

Banks bonuses and M&A results

BankBonus (in £)Total M&A transactions values FY2014 (in million £)
JP Morgan Chase £238,000 £191,000
Morgan Stanley £235,000 £207,000
Credit Suisse £215,000 £86,000
Deutsche Bank £208,000 £146,000
Bank of America Merrill Lynch £202,000 £218,000
UBS £195,000 £73,000
Goldman Sachs £187,000 £298,000
Citigroup £155,00 £133,000
Rothschild £141,000 £102,000
Barclays £128,000 £111,000

UBS Is ‘Fairest’ Sharing M&A Fees With Its Bankers, Survey Says

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