Ori and the Blind Forest review – a tough eco-puzzle worth solving

Ori and The Blind Forest Screen 1

Taking players to a stunning animated world, Ori sets the task of guiding its eponymous hero – a diminutive sprite – to help save the mystical forest he calls home.

The blend of 2D platforming and environmental puzzle-solving constantly evolves as new abilities are unlocked, making more of the map accessible. Its story, narrated in an alien language, is at heart an ecological parable, with the forest left withered and lifeless by unnatural forces. It’s never heavy-handed though, and any deeper meaning is left to the player to interpret.

An excellent feature is the ability to trade a small amount of energy, usually used for Ori’s attacks, to create a save point wherever you like. It’s a much needed function, as the game’s major flaw is an uneven difficulty curve. Perseverance on later levels is a small price to pay for an otherwise absorbing, hauntingly beautiful title.

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