WWE Wrestlemania 31 Match Card Predictions

We are a week away from the biggest show in the wrestling calendar so let's look at the Wrestlemania card and who could come out on top.

Wrestlemania is WWE's biggest event and is the best chance for them show off their talent. So who has been chosen to carry the flame this year and who is likely to win their match? Let's take a look.


Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins

Randy Orton has looked dangerous since his return and he has made a point of taking out his anger on Seth Rollins. The fans are loving this feud and we sincerely hope that there is more to come from these two, to end the feud at Wrestlemania could be premature as something tells us that the feud could move to the next level, especially if Rollins were to cash in his Money In the Bank briefcase and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Our prediction is that Randy Orton will win this one, no doubt following some interference from J&J Security, Big Show and Kane. Whilst we are getting tired of matches ending in disqualifications this one looks set to continue the trend.


The Undertaker Vs Bray Wyatt

The chances are that this will be the last time we see The Undertaker. After his amazing streak was ended by Brock Lesnar last year many predicted that we had already seen his final match but it seems his continued love for the industry and desire to push young talents has lead to this match against Bray Wyatt. Some feel that this matchup is somehow controversial but we couldn't disagree more. Wyatt is one of the most impressive rising stars in WWE and with Undertakers career coming to an end the company needs another dark character. It is safe to say that Wyatt isn't just an impressive wrestler but he is also the finest mic worker at the moment. His promos are always impressive and he has managed to create a genuinely intriguing character.

Or prediction for this match is that Bray Wyatt will win and succeed in his mission to bury The Undertaker. This will be one hell of a spectacle and you can expect the match to live up to the hype.


AJ Lee & Paige Vs The Bella Twins

There appears to be some serious hypocrisy in WWE at the moment. Following their encouraging #GiveDivasAChance campaign it seems disgraceful that the Diva's Championship is not being contested at Wrestemania. Paige has earned her chance to challenge Nikki Bella for the title but it seems this won't be granted. Instead we get a match that we have seen again and again on Raw, most of which have been unimpressive affairs. Quite why the likes of Natalya, Emma, Naomi and Alicia Fox are being kept out of the limelight is beyond us, especially when AJ Lee has only just returned after an unimpressive run before her departure.

Our prediction for this match is that AJ Lee and Paige will win and then no doubt turn on eachother. 


Rusev Vs John Cena (United States Championship Match)

Rusev has been a breath of fresh air since his arrival at WWE, a classic big guy that has dominated almost every superstar in the company. His feud with John Cena has been intriguing and has shown a change in both superstars directions. Cena has become a darker and more vicious wrestler, slowly moving away from his PG image and hinting at a potential heel turn. Rusev's stock at WWE has been raised by this feud considerably and he looks as much a future contender for the top title as most of the players in that contest at present. We hope that this doesn't descend into an embarrassing flag waving affair and that the wrestling can talk for itself.

Our prediction for this match is that Rusev will retain the title, completing Cena's descent into his darker persona.


 Bad News Barrett Vs R-Truth Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Stardust Vs Daniel Bryan (7 Man Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)

This could easily be a show stealer, with so much talent on show in a match that is always exciting. It is hard to say who could win this one as many of these superstars were expected to be in singles matches, such is their level of talent and status in the company. No one would be shocked to see Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan win the match but that's not to say that Barrett couldn't retain. You have to feel for Barrett as he was on top of the world when he retired his belt following injury and most of us expected him to regain that popularity upon his return. Unfortunately WWE Creative didn't agree and so he's been thrown into this matchup which has followed some comical matches on Raw.

Our prediction for this match is that Dean Ambrose will be victorious, a result that the fans will be more than happy with.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

We still don't know the complete lineup for this match but if it's half as good as last years then we are in for a treat. The Superstars announced so far are The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry and the winner of the NXT Wrestlemania Axxess Tournament.

An impressive lineup but one that makes it impossible to call. No doubt we will see Damien Sandow get his hands on The Miz and we hope for an impressive showing from the NXT entrant. It would great to see the NXT entrant win the tournament, giving further gravitas to the already rising popularity of the show.


Sting Vs Triple H

Let's face it, Sting is one of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling. With this in mind it makes perfect sense to have his first proper match at WWE on the grandest stage of them all. His feud with Triple H has built nicely and should be quite a spectacle. Sting proved that he still has what it takes during his tenure at TNA so there shouldn't be any questions about his ability, more the ability of Triple H, do we have to mention the slow and lumbering match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29? At the end of the day Triple H is a phenomenal wrestler and we have high hopes for this match.

We predict a win for Sting who would no doubt use the match as a set up to start changes at the top of the company, he could well be in line as a potential contender for a new Raw General Manager. 


Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has become an unpopular character since the disaster of the Royal Rumble and WWE Creative have been working hard to fix the damage. So far the results have been mixed and many fans still don't believe that he can beat the Beast Incarnate. This, in our opinion, is largely down his finishing move the Superman Punch. Every now and then fans take a disliking to specific moves in a wrestlers arsenal and the Superman Punch, much like John Cena's shoulder tackles, seems to get booed regularly these days. This is likely due to the unbelievability of the move couple with the frankly childish build up. This issue aside the match does have a lot of potential so let's not discredit it quite yet. No-one seems to know what is going to happen with Brock Lesnar, will he stay at WWE, leave for UFC or, as he's already threatened, do both and attempt to unify the belts. The latter seems unlikely as UFC and WWE don't appear to get on too well as corporate entities. Can Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns, of course he can, that question isn't even in question. Can Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar? Unlikely, not believably anyway, but you never know. There is one scenario which we believe to be the most likely outcome of this match.

We predict a win by an exhausted Roman Reigns, ushering Boo's from the fans who will shortly be cheered up by the appearance of Seth Rollins who will cash in his money In The Bank briefcase and take the title. It's possible that Lesnar would lose the match via countout or something similar whilst Reigns is incapacitated in the ring. This would lead nicely into feuds for the title including Rollins, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns whilst allowing Lesnar to part ways with the company.


That's our opinion on the Wrestlemania match card but what do you think?


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