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protein based food that tastes good, and happens to be skewer cooked

New Zealand is a primitive country. Your average ‘Kiwi’ calls theatre and cinema, the theatre; chips and crisps, chips; and they call kebabs and skewers ... that’s right, kebabs.

Chicken Skewer

Fortunately I’ve lived in the UK long enough to have my peasant’s English drummed out of me, but I still have a moment when people mention a kebab. Because in my mind, skewered meat, fish or veg is a ‘kebab’. But We Grill, the healthy hot spot lunch joint in Leadenhall Market, is definitely not a kebab house.

In fact We Grill is all about healthy protein based food that tastes good, and happens to be skewer cooked. So you get lamb meatballs marinated with ancho chili peppers, fresh oregano white wine and bell peppers; or ginger infused chicken breast; or ceviche style salmon. For the vegetarians there is Lebanese halloumi cheese marinated in chipotle and lime. Sides include quinoa based salads and a daily soup. I tried the meatballs (divine), halloumi (very good) and chicken (not quite as flavoursome as I was expecting). But on top of being ostensibly healthy the skewers at a fiver each are also exceptionally good value for money.

Meatball Skewer (1)

I met the owner Tarek who told me that he was inspired by his time working in investment banking and not being able to find a healthy lunch option that tasted so good that you might consider it for dinner. To paraphrase him when the discussion went to one of the City’s most renowned lunch providers – no one has sandwiches for dinner.

But they do have skewers, and if We Grill has its way, it will become a staple lunch food as well. Just don’t confuse them with kebabs ...

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Healthy and leaves you wealthy **** 

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29 -30 Leadenhall Market

London, EC3V 1LR

T.: +44 (0) 7771 332 055