Syndicate is EA Origin's latest free 'On the House' game

Syndicate Screenshot 1

Bullfrog Productions' 1993 classic tactical game is currently free for a limited time on Origin.

EA's latest free game offered through its Origin PC gaming platform is Syndicate.

OK, so I realise I'm a little late to give you the heads up on this one. But, I have only just noticed this myself, so I imagine there may be one or two of you out there who are yet to know about this too.

Syndicate was created by Bullfrog Productions back in 1993, and was also released on the Amiga, Mac, Sega Mega Drive, SNES, and many other platforms. The game uses an isometric view and players are tasked with controlling four cyborg agents through various missions such as assassinations, rescues, and more. I vaguely remember playing it when I was younger, but I do remember enjoying it.

All you need to do to claim your free copy is head on over to the game's Origin Store page and click 'Download Now'. Be fast, though, as there is no indication of how long the game will be free for.

Previous 'On the House' offers have included Theme Hospital and SimCity 2000: Special Edition, among other classic titles. Who can argue with free games - not me!

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