Goose Box – bringing a restaurant meal to your home

Goose Box Packaging

The petit fours for afters were nice enough albeit on the small side. I guess the clues in the name.

Every so often you get to try something different in this game. Typically i review restaurants. Occasionally I do a pub. And very occasionally I review a cafe. Goose Box is something different.

Goose Box, the brainchild of City restaurant 1 Lombard Street Brasserie & Bar, (which I have reviewed) and is 'an all-in-one recipe kit allowing the home cook to create impressive dishes using the freshest, finest quality ingredients.’ In other words it’s a home cooking kit, albeit based on fine dining recipes. As someone who completely missed the ‘ready meal’ phenomenon, but has embraced premium takeaway delivery services, this struck me as landing somewhere in the middle. And while great ingredients accompanied by a menu / recipe so you can do the cooking sounds fine; why would you want to pay for that?

The idea was devised by 1 Lombard Street Founder Soren Jessen, and its USP is that the ingredients are sourced from the restaurant’s suppliers, and arrive premeasured and pre-sealed. Customers can personalise their Goose Box by choosing from a range of 1 Lombard Street’s signature dishes and seasonal favourites. Each Goose Box contains ingredients to make a starter and main courses for two people and it comes with recipe cards that you get to keep.

LombardStreet Scallops And Prawns With Chilli Jam

The Northerner and I tried the pear and manchego salad with truffle, honey and hazelnuts; and scallops and prawns with chilli jam. The instructions are very easy to follow, and given her creative bent, the Northerner did a brilliant job on the salad. I tackled the main, which the with chilli jam premade, was very easy and quite tasty, albeit not as good looking as the pear salad. The petit fours for afters were nice enough albeit on the small side. I guess the clues in the name.

LombardStreet Scallops And Prawns With Chilli Jam 1

I must admit that we had a lot of fun doing it, and it was nice to try and cook something different However at £60 for two people excluding delivery, it’s very much a premium offering. I’m not a business writer, but I couldn’t work out whether Goose Box will be a successful standalone business in its own right, or whether it’s a clever PR and marketing tool for 1 Lombard Street. Either way, Goose Box is certainly different.

On a scale of * to *****

Romancing and flirting ****

Wining and dining ****

Serving and pouring **1/2

Goose Box, 1 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9AA. Tel 020 7929 6611