WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd Mar 2015 Pt:2


Rating and Reviewing the matches and segments of this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

In part one we saw Roman Reigns challenge Seth Rollins, Bad News Barret fight Dean Ambrose, The Miz embarrass Mizdow, Wyatt call out Undertaker, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya face The Usos & Naomi and John Cena had his world rocked by Rusev and Stephanie McMahon.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd Mar 2015 Pt:1


Triple H was next to the ring and he talked about Sting’s refusal of his offer at Fastlane. He then invited Booker T into the ring to discuss Sting. Booker explained to Triple H that he believed Sting had not come to WWE sooner because Triple H had been blocking his move. Triple H laughed and said that he thought Booker was better than that. Booker told Triple H that no one can control Sting, not Flair, not Bischoff and not The Authority. Triple H thanked Booker for his input and then told him he was fired. He looked shell-shocked as he gathered his papers and left the arena. He didn't get far though as Triple H then told him he wasn’t fired it was just an example of real control and his unlimited power. He finishes by saying he’ll end the very memory of Sting.

Segment Rating 7/10


Paige Vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship Match)

Yet another chapter in the on-going saga of Nikki Bella’s bullying of Paige. This time it was straight forward match with little of the bullying which was nice to see. It was refreshing to finally see an actual match in the Divas division for a change. Paige really took it to Nikki, dominating her from the start. Nikki did manage to get a hold in the match, hitting a number of Submission moves but Paige refused to tap. Paige dominates again and gets Nikki locked into the PTO but Brie gets up onto the ring and tries to distract Paige, she succeeds and gets knocked off of the ring for her troubles. Paige then got back into the match and hit the PTO again; Nikki was about to tap but Brie broke the hold causing her sister to be disqualified. The Bellas then teamed up on Paige and beat her until some familiar music rang around the arena. The music was followed by AJ Lee who ran to the ring and helped Paige to take out the Bellas. So AJ Lee is back and yet again is thrown right into the top despite so many talented female wrestlers at WWE never getting a chance at the title or even to wrestle most of the time. WWE are trying to promote their Divas more recently following the huge #GiveDivasAChance Twitter campaign but it seems for now that the same old Divas will be contesting the championship. Not that that’s an issue where Paige is involved.

Match rating 7/10


Seth Rollins was next in the ring and he had set up a fake set of The Daily Show. His plan was to host the show and prove that he was better than John Stewart. He mocked Stewart for some time until he eventually showed up. Stewart takes a seat and quickly turns the tables on Rollins, telling him he didn’t earn his place at WWE like the legends of the past. He then said that Rollins didn’t earn his Money In The Bank briefcase, saying Rollins has cheated his way to the top. Rollins was annoyed by this and he grabbed Stewart, just as Randy Orton’s Music started. Orton came down the ramp and Stewart hit Rollins with a Low Blow before applying some hits and running away. Orton laughs at Rollins before leaving.

Segment Rating 7/10


Luke Harper Vs. Daniel Bryan

Luke Harper appears to have put himself into the mix with regards to the Intercontinental Ladder Match at Wrestlemania after stealing Bad News Barrett’s belt earlier in the night. He came to the ring with it and placed it at ringside. Harper absolutely destroyed Bryan in the match, throwing him about and slamming him into the mat again and again. Bryan started to fight back but Harper just flattened him again, applying a Submission hold that Bryan managed to counter with the Yes Lock. Harper tapped unbelievably quickly which was an anti-climax. Thankfully that wasn’t the end of it however as Bad News Barrett came to the ring and took back his belt. He was followed by Dean Ambrose who attacked Barrett and took the belt again. Harper then came out of nowhere with a Big Boot to take the belt again. Next R-Truth appeared and stole the belt again but quickly gave it back to Harper. Harper started to leave the arena and then Dolph Ziggler appeared, delivering a Superkick to Harper and taking the belt for himself. He then climbed the ladder that was at the top of the ramp and pointed at Bryan who was leading a chorus of Yes Chants on the announce table. It looks as though we have 5 players in the Ladder Match now but who will be the sixth?

Match/Segment Rating 9/10


Next it was announced that WWE Legend Alundra Blayze would be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. Blayze was one of the first Female wrestlers to be more than just a valet. She was an athletic and powerful presence in the WWF ring and certainly deserves her place in the Hall of Fame. Her betrayal of WWF in the mid 90’s was infamous and saw her shunned by the company for many years so it is fantastic to see them finally put that behind them. She will be joining Rikishi, The Bushwhackers, Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Segment Rating 6/10


Paul Heyman then delivered another master class in promos. He wasn’t saying anything new really just repeating that Reigns cannot beat Lesnar, which frankly the WWE Universe all believes as well. Reigns has his fans and we are among them but Reigns Vs. Lesnar doesn’t feel like a realistic match. The real high point was Heyman getting angry at the sound guys for his mic continually cutting out. Whether this was kayfab or not didn’t matter, it was brilliant.

Segment Rating 9/10


Roman Reigns Vs. Seth Rollins

Finally it was time for the headline match and Rollins brought along a full entourage including J&J Security, Big Show and Kane. As always this pretty much guaranteed the ending before the match had even started. Reigns really impressed in this match, as he dominated Rollins and took care of a number of distractions from J&J. He looked genuinely powerful tonight and his performance was almost enough to make his match against Lesnar believable, almost. Rollins starts to turn the match around with a huge Dropkick but then Orton came to the ring. Rollins was distracted by Orton’s being at ringside but the match soon picked up again. The match finished after Reigns hit the Superman Punch, to the usual chorus of Boos. Orton finally made his mark as he held Reigns’ leg, stopping him from hitting the Spear. Rollins took advantage and pinned Reigns.

It seems as though WWE Creative have chosen to just put Orton right back where he was before his absence which is hugely disappointing. They really had a chance to start a great feud but maybe it’s still on the cards. Orton gave the camera a knowing wink as he left with The Authority, something we’ve seen before. Perhaps it’s a ploy to sucker Rollins in but perhaps not, let’s hope so anyway.

Match Rating 8/10


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