WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd Mar 2015 Pt:1


Rating and Reviewing the matches and segments of this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

The Road to Wrestlemania continues with RAW so what developments would we witness?


Seth Rollins kicked things off, coming to the ring to talk about his “feud” with John Stewart. He claims that the feud is not an Andy Kaufmann Vs. Jerry Lawler comedy foil, it clearly is. Roman Reigns soon came to the ring to challenge Rollins to a Triple Threat match with Brock Lesnar and himself at Wrestlemania. Rollins refused and Reigns attacked him. It was all over quickly as J&J Security were taken out and Rollins ran away.

Backstage we then saw Rollins confronted by Randy Orton. Orton gives Rollins some advice and tells him he’ll help him if he wants. Is Orton back with The Authority, we hope not as he had a chance to return as a believable Babyface.

Segment Rating 6/10


Dean Ambrose Vs. Bad News Barrett (R-Truth at ringside on commentary)

The battle for the Intercontinental Championship is heating up with last week’s announcement that the title will be on the line at Wrestlemania in a Ladder match. What we don’t know yet is how many competitors will be in the match. The storyline is certainly hinting as to who the other competitors will be. Dean Ambrose is certain, R-Truth seems likely after he stole the belt on Smackdown last week. Chances are there will be more than three men though so who else? Tonight we may have found out.

This was decent match but it was more about the story than the wrestling. R-Truth stole the belt from ringside again but this time he was confronted by Luke Harper. Truth handed over the belt and Harper left the arena with it. Barrett tried to stop him but Ambrose took advantage of the distraction, pinning Barrett. Afterwards Ambrose confronted Truth about the belt and then left to find Harper.

Match Rating 7/10


Next we saw The Miz and Damien Mizdow backstage with a large proportion of the locker room. Miz was about to unveil his new advert, that he was seen stealing from Mizdow on Smackdown. Mizdow urged him to watch it in private first but Miz told him he was just jealous and played it anyway. The advert turned out to be for “Niagra” a “Male Enhancement” pill. The locker room laughed at him and he got angry. Mizdow said he told him to wait and Miz slapped him. Mizdow squared up to him but backed down after Miz told him he’d be fired from WWE without him. This feud really needs to come to a head but something tells us they are waiting for Wrestlemania, which is no bad thing.

Segment Rating 8/10


We then went back to the ring to see Bray Wyatt calling out The Undertaker. He says that he built a coffin for him and that he’ll take over as the company’s true demon. He then went on to talk about how much he loves fire, grabbing a petrol can and pouring it over the coffin before setting fire to it. He finished by telling Undertaker that he will burn at Wrestlemania, never to return.

Segment Rating 9/10


Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya Vs. The Usos & Naomi

We believe that most people would have been hoping for an end to this feud after Fastlane. The Usos gimmick is starting to feel old and they could really use an attitude change. As for the Natalya & Tyson Kidd story that is a real who cares scenario that should stay on Total Divas and out of the ring. Tonight’s match was a real non-starter that finished quickly when Kidd tagged in Natalya, who had a leg injury that stopped her wrestling. This allowed Naomi to get a quick pin on her. After the match Natalya shouted at Kidd and he held her as she “cried”. It’s about time Natalya got involved in the Divas Title race again as she is wasted in her current role.

Match Rating 4/10


Next to the ring would be John Cena. He talked about Rusev and, in particular, Rusev’s refusal to give him a rematch at Wrestlemania. He said that he would take part in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Stephanie McMahon would then come out and berate Cena for his arrogance. She really let rip on him telling him that WWE would not miss him if he left and that WWE didn’t need him, he needed WWE. She then said that he could not take part in the Battle Royal and that he should not be at Wrestlemania this year unless Rusev agreed to the match as he is not in charge.

Curtis Axel would then come to the ring wearing a Hulk Hogan style vest that said Axelmania. The crowd cheered and chanted Axelmania as he came to the ring. He told Steph how much he loved her and respected her and then said that he would take Cena’s place at Wrestlemania. The crowd loved this and it seems as though his new persona is working. Steph then tells Cena that he can face Axel right there and then.

Curtis Axel Vs. John Cena

This was short match but one that had a lot of insight. Axel mimicked Hogan’s poses and the crowd loved it. Cena lost his temper and destroyed Axel with an all new ferocity that hinted toward a much needed heel turn. Cena would make a great heel and he proved it in this match. He hit Axel again and again with brutality and no mercy. He eventually finished him off with an AA followed by the STF.

Rusev and Lana would then appear at the top of the entrance ramp and tell Cena that he would not get his match at Wrestlemania. Cena looked upset and depressed and he was clearly shaken when the Russian flag descended.

Segment/Match Rating 8/10


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