Dragonball XenoVerse review – a competent fighter with speedy confrontations

Dragonball New Project Cover

Something has altered time, and Dragonball’s greatest battles are now being won by the villains.

A fighting game with a focus on story, this is an RPG/brawler/MMO hybrid, its earliest hours accordingly sluggish. Players wade through narrative-led tutorials introducing various systems, including combat, before being allowed free rein.

It looks great throughout, though, with the user-created character fitting flawlessly into the world. Although it’s impossible to jump immediately into local or online versus fights, once it opens up, Xenoverse proves itself a competent fighter. Gloriously destructible arenas, speedy confrontations and a customisable array of attacks add surprise to encounters, while the roster offers a fantastic who’s-who of unlockable characters. Shame the restrictive hubworld and slow intro may deter players who just want a few quick fights.

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