Final Fantasy: Record Keeper unveiled

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Logo

Square Enix and DeNA have announced a new Final Fantasy mobile game entitled Record Keeper

Final Fantasy will be expanding soon with the announcement of a new mobile game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. The game will allow players to experience the full Final Fantasy experience and pre-registration is now open.

Pre-Registering at opened to taday and those that sign up will recieve exclusive content, updates about the game and special in-game characters including Tidus from Final Fantasy X

In Final Fantasy: Record Keeper players will be able to relive many moments from accross the Final Fantasy universe and be able to play as characters such as Lightning and Cloud. You will be able to completely customise and equip all of your characters to build the most powerful team of all time. There will be iconic gear, powerful spells, legendary summons and hundreds of classic weapons to choose from.

The gameplay will be based around the ATB (Active Time Battle) system, which will be good news to fans of the series, and will be both tactical and challenging. You will experience classic moments from throughout Final Fantasy history, all mixed together to create an all new story.

As of yet all we know is that Final Fantasy: Record keeper will be available Spring 2015 in Northern America as a free download in the AppStore and Google Play. 

We are unsure if the game will be getting a European launch but as the game has been such a huge success in Japan it could easily be expected.

YOu can see the Japanese trailer below, which gives you an idea of the scope of the game.


We are certainly crossing our collective fingers for a Euro launch as an opportunity to play through the entire saga is too good to pass up.


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