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Stress is a feeling we have all felt, yet find difficult to describe.

Whether it is brought on by the mental or emotional pressures of work, finances, family life or an endless list of other reasons, it can sometimes be hard to realise when it is happening until it has begun to affect you in other areas of your life. This can be particularly damaging, especially to your work.

In 2014, the Health and Safety Executive reported that the total number of working days lost in Great Britain due to stress, depression or anxiety was 11.3 million in 2013/14, an average of 23 days per case of stress, depression or anxiety.

Stress is not a medical diagnosis, though it can lead to more serious forms of physical or psychological illness that could require long term treatment. That's why we at the Bank Workers Charity have partnered with Stresscheck Ltd to bring you Beating Stress Interactive, a free tool which you can use to assess your levels of stress. With over 70 pages of content, it will and allow you to determine how stressed you are within yourself and the workplace, and take control of any problems before they become a serious issue.

Fred Payne, Chief Executive of the Bank Workers Charity says: 'With so many members of the banking community juggling a busy job with pressures outside of work, the stresses of modern life are piling up. Beating Stress Interactive is a great tool that will help the banking community understand and get to grips with stress'.

If you are a current or former bank worker, you can receive your free, personalised stress check by visiting our website and providing a few details in order to access the content.

For more information about stress, and how to manage it, visit our dedicated pages on stress to receive our free guides on understanding and managing stress.

If you or a member of your family are a current or former bank worker, you can also speak to one of our specially trained advisors by calling call our helpline on 0800 0234 834 between 9-5 Monday to Friday.

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