WWE Monday Night Raw Results 16th Feb 2015 Pt:2


Rating and Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

In part 1 we saw John Cena & Rusev come to blows, Luke Harper & Dean Ambrose faced off, Gold & Stardust imploded, Roman Reigns & Kane battled and Paige had no clothes. What happened next? well, read on.

If you missed part 1 you can read that in the link below.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 16th Feb 2015 Pt:1


Summer-Rae Vs Paige

When Paige came to the ring she was dressed as a Disney Princess and Summer Rae continued the bullying theme, laughing at her and mocking her. Paige didn’t let the costume affect her though as she destroyed Summer Rae quickly. Summer eventually tried to get back in the match but Paige got her into the PTO, forcing her to tap out.

The Bella Twins then came to the top of the ramp to mock her even more for having the wrong ring gear. Paige interrupts Nikki mid sentence and tells her that she doesn’t need an outfit to look good; she can just do that by beating her at Fastlane. The audience appear to be on Paige’s side on this one and we really do hope she can get the championship back as Nikki has been a poor choice.

Match/Segment Rating 6/10


Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Ziggler

The feud between Ziggler and Rollins has been building nicely recently and they put on a great match last week. This week started with Rollins in the ring talking about Ziggler. When Dolph eventually came to the ring he mocked Rollins, claiming he couldn’t win a match without his “Hobbits”, referring to J&J Security. J&J went to attack Ziggler but the Ref sent them out of the arena, leaving Ziggler and Rollins to finally have a one on one match. This was a great match, which Rollins dominated for large parts, proving he doesn’t really need his security. The match ended when Ziggler countered the Kerb Stomp with a Zig Zag. Rthe ref almost counted him out but J&J came back to the ring on the three count, attacking Ziggler and causing Rollins to be Disqualified anyway.Almost immediately after that Ryback and Erick Rowan came to the ring and threw J&J around like rag dolls.

Match Rating 9/10


Next it was time for Triple H to make his response to Sting’s “Appearance” last week. He started by talking about Fastlane, saying that Sting wouldn’t be seen again afterwards. Suddenly Ric Flair came to the ring and tells Triple H that he is his friend and not to take Sting lightly. Triple H gets defensive and tells Flair that he will get rid of Sting once and for all at Fastlane. Flair once again tells Triple H that he is his friend but to be careful. Triple H loses his cool and pushes Flair over before shouting at him that the CEO will not face Sting at Fastlane, instead Sting with face The Game, The Cerebral Assassin. It looks as though Triple H has been rattled by Sting and Fastlane could erupt, which is what we all want to see.

Segment Rating 8/10


Darren Young & ? Vs The Ascension

It has been a long time since we last saw Darren Young but this time he was back with an unknown Tag partner (Actually Kevin Kross from Future Stars of Wrestling Las Vegas who is rumoured to debut on NXT this week). The match never really got started though as The Ascension threw Kross out of the ring and beat down on Darren Young. Before long Titus O’Niel showed up and helped Young fight off The Ascension. Does this mean that The Prime Time Players are making a return? Let’s hope not. Let’s also hope that they haven’t been chosen to feud with The Ascension as that is clearly a no contest and a step backwards. A team with the talent of The Ascension need to be challenging for the title not facing b-list tag teams.

Segment Rating 5/10


Damien Mizdow vs Bad News Barrett

We aren’t quite sure why WWE Creative are dragging their heels on the Miz & Mizdow feud. It should have come to a head by now but as many feared they are milking it for all it’s worth which is bad news (sorry) for Sandow who could have become a much bigger star from this. Instead it is getting boring already. We also can’t work out why Barrett is being used in filler matches like this. He’s a great wrestler with the Intercontinental Championship who should be fighting Ambrose as the two will clearly be fighting at Fastlane.

The match itself was genuine filler, just another chapter in the Miz & Mizdow show. Mizdow looked good against Barrett but every time he managed to make progress Miz interrupted by ringing a bell and getting him to polish his shoes or clean his sunglasses. These distractions of course allowed Barret to take control, eventually hitting the Bullhammer to pin Mizdow. As soon as Mizdow was pinned Ambrose came to the ring and tied Barrett to the ring post, forcing him to “sign” a contract for a championship match at Fastlane.

Match/Segment Rating 6/10


Jimmy Uso & Naomi Vs Tyson Kidd & Natalya

This was another farcical chapter in the The Usos feud with Tyson Kidd. The tag team champions should be having great tag matches, not Total Divas add on matches. It’s safe to say that people are bored of The Usos gimmick and are looking forward to having some new champions in Cesaro & Tyson Kidd. Not a lot to say about this match, Natalya and Naomi were good, Tyson Kidd ran away every time he had to fight, which was ridiculous. Naomi finally managed to Pin Natalya after a series of near falls.

Match Rating 5/10


Daniel Bryan Vs Big Show

Roman Reigns came to the ring before the match to sit at ringside, hoping to cause a distraction and repay Bryan for his distractions earlier.

This was a good match with Bryan and Big Show putting on a decent display. Big Show was of course dominant but Bryan was not to be underestimated as he targeted Big Show’s knees to bring him down and then applying a sleeper hold. Big Show was almost out when Reigns distracted Bryan by signing autographs at ringside. This just fired Bryan up and he attacked Big Show with all he had. Big Show eventually turned it around, applying a Bear Hug and then throwing Bryan out of the ring and into Reigns who was now throwing free t-shirts into the crowd. Bryan and reigns almost fought but Big Show hit Reigns with a huge Spear. The match ended with Bryan applying the Yes Lock followed by a series of Yes kicks. He then went to the top rope to finish him off but Reigns got in the ring and hit Big Show with a Spear of his own, causing Bryan to be disqualified. Bryan then Dropkicked Reigns from the top rope, knocking him out of the ring. The two then brawled around the arena and Bryan hit Reigns with a chair. Referees eventually came to break up the fight and Reigns was left bleeding.

Match Rating 7/10


So there we have it, the stage is almost set for WWE Fastlane, what will the new Pay-Per-View hold for the WWE Universe and will it be worth replacing Elimination Chamber for? Be sure to check back here for our write up next week.

WWE Fastlane is this Sunday (22nd Feb) on WWE Network or Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.



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