WWE Monday Night Raw Results 16th Feb 2015 Pt:1


Rating and Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Following last week’s explosive episode of Raw we were expecting a follow up to the Sting and Triple H feud, further developments between Gold & Stardust and more from the breaking down of The Miz & Mizdow’s relationship, as well as a follow up to Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns upcoming match at Fastlane. So what did we get? Let’s find out.


John Cena kicked things off this week. He spoke about his match for the United States Championship against Rusev at Fastlane. Claiming that the fans will see a new Cena at Fastlane, a more aggressive and less PG Cena. We certainly hope that that’s the case as he certainly has what it takes to be impressive when he lets himself. Rusev then came to the entrance ramp with Lana, they mocked Cena and told him his career would be over once Rusev has destroyed him. Cena then gave us a preview of his new aggression, beating Rusev in a savage assault. He threw Rusev against the LED screens a number of times and punded on him mercilessly before leaving the arena, Rusev unable to respond on the floor.

Segment Rating 7/10


Luke Harper Vs Dean Ambrose

If only Raw would always start like this, Ambrose and Harper put on a brilliant match with Harper using his strength and agility to match Ambrose’s high-octane attack. The match was a real rollercoaster and the crowd loved it. Harper always seems to pull off moves that make the crowd gasp and he did so again, countering a move from Ambrose with such devastation that it looked like Ambrose would legitimately be put through the ring. The match ended with Ambrose building momentum and hitting Dirty Deeds, allowing him to pin Harper.

Match Rating 9/10


Next we saw Kane & Triple H backstage; Big Show entered and started arguing with Kane. Triple H breaks it up and tells them not to fall apart. Kane comments on this saying “like you did last week with Sting”. Triple H squared up to Kane and told him he would “deal with Sting tonight”. Big Show starts arguing with Kane again and subtly challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania. Could this be a new feud?

Segment Rating 7/10


We then saw a short Bray Wyatt promo. Similar to the promo’s seen on last week’s Raw he addressed an unknown opponent, talking about death before telling the opponent to “find him”. It now seems pretty clear that he is talking to The Undertaker. There would be a further two short promos by Wyatt on this week’s Raw including one where he was nailing a coffin shut. Each time he repeated the mantra “Find Me”. Undertaker vs Wyatt would make one hell of a spectacle for Wrestlemania and we don’t think that anyone could bemoan Wyatt for being the man to face ‘Taker in what would likely be his final Wrestlemania.

Segmant Rating 7/10


Following Wyatt’s first promo we saw Gold & Stardust backstage with their father Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was talking to Stardust, telling him that family is the most important thing in life. Stardust shook Goldusts hand and the two left for their match.

Segment Rating 7/10


New Day Vs Gold & Stardust

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would represent New Day tonight in a fairly decent match. Gold & Stardust played the match like a classic tag team, regularly switching it up and domination Xavier Woods with ease. This all changed however when Kofi tagged in and exploded on the pair. Gold & Stardust then tried to counter his attack with a 2-man move that went wrong as Stardust mistimed his jump from the top rope, falling face to face with his brother. They both looked confused and Kofi rolled up Goldust as Stardust was leaving the ring. Goldust looked hurt after he was pinned and Stardust tried to help him out of the ring. Eventually they hugged but as Goldust went to leave the ring his brother hit him with his old finisher Cross Rhodes. Stardust left the arena and Goldust looked on in shock.

Backstage we then saw Dusty Rhodes confront his son, calling him Cody. Stardust told him that not only was Cody dead but so was his family. It would be safe to say that the tag team of Gold & Stardust has now ended so what next for the brother. The logical conclusion has be a brother vs brother match at Wrestlemania, a match that would be a guaranteed winner with two such talented wrestlers.

Match/Segment Rating 8/10


Roman Reigns Vs Kane

Daniel Bryan came to the ring before the match, leading the audience in a chorus of Yes chants. He then sat with the commentary team. The match wasn’t bad and Kane looked back to his old best, something we haven’t really seen for a while which made us long for the days of the Big Red Machine to return. Reigns managed to get the momentum his way but as he did Bryan started another round of Yes chants, distracting Reigns and allowing Kane to take advantage. Kane yet again dominates Reigns, throwing him out of the ring. On the outide Kane goes to put Reigns through the announce table but Reigns counters with a Spear, leaving Kane on the floor and letting Reigns get into the ring just as the Ref counted 10. Bryan then started another Yes chant, Reigns invited him into the ring but he instead circled the ring, keeping the audience cheering for him.

Match Rating 8/10


Next we saw The Bella Twins backstage, stealing Paige’s ring gear. It seems ironic that two of WWE’s most prominent anti-bullying campaigners should now be cast as some genuinely horrible bullies. Let’s just hope Paige can get her revenge at Fastlane. Paige then emerged from her dressing room in a towel, luckily The Rosebuds were there and she asked if she could borrow some clothes.

Segment Rating 5/10


What would happen next? follow the link below for Part 2.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 16th Feb 2015 Pt:2


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