No Goblin's Roundabout heading to Xbox One on Friday

Roundabout Screenshot 1

Drive a spinning limo as you pick up fares and manoeuvre through traffic.

Another game is heading to Xbox One this week, so it's not just the two we initially thought in our weekly release roundup. The game in question is Roundabout.

Developers No Goblin announced the game is set to launch on Microsoft's Xbox One this Friday 20th February via their development blog.

Roundabout is a game that tasks players with driving a limo in a top-down view. Not so hard, right? Well, the limo is constantly revolving, and you must guide it through a series of levels while also picking up passengers along the way.

The game launched on PC last year and scored quite highly in its reviews across various outlets. The Xbox One version will come with 40 achievements, remastered video, impulse trigger support, and more. The Xbox Store will sell it at $14.99 - a UK price has not yet been announced.

Take a look at the PC launch trailer below to get an idea of what it's all about.

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