GTA V discounted in this week's Xbox Deals with Gold

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Grand Theft Auto V is 15% off on Xbox One, and 58% off on Xbox 360.

The word on this week's Deals with Gold discounts for Xbox 360 and Xbox has been revealed, and it's a little more diverse than last week's offerings.

Xbox One owners can grab Duck Dynasty at half price, or there is Grand Theft Auto V with a free Bull Shark Cash Card at 15% off. The Bull Shark Cash Card basically injects $500,000 into your GTA Online account off the bat, so you don't have to scrounge for some cash when getting started.

Xbox 360 owners have the most choice, with games like Tomb Raider Underworld, Kane & Lynch 2, and Dungeon Siege III on offer. You could always pick up GTA V too, which is 58% off.

Before you go splashing out on any of the Deals with Gold games this week, remember that there is an 'Ultimate Game Sale' due to start on Wednesday, so you may want to hold off for now until you see what's on offer.

The full listing of discounted games and add-ons are below, available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles from today through 23rd February. Or you can check them out on Major Nelson’s blog too:

Xbox One

Duck Dynasty 50%

Grand Theft Auto V & Free Bull Shark Cash Card 15%

Xbox 360

WoT: Xbox 360 Edition Currency Mega Pack 33%

WoT: Xbox 360 Edition T-15 New Recruit Kit 50%

Duck Dynasty 50%

Battlestations Pacific 80%

Battlestations Midway 80%

Dungeon Siege III 75%

Tomb Raider Underworld 75%

Tomb Raider Anniversary 75%

Supreme Commander 2 84%

Kane & Lynch 2 75%

GTA V 58%

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