Shadowrun Hong Kong surpasses the $1 million mark

Shadowrun Hong Kong concept art 1

Harebrained Schemes latest project greatly-surpasses it's $100K funding goal.

Last month we reported on the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter campaign, and how it had reach it's $100,000 funding goal in only 2 hours. Oh, and then it reach $400,000 in under 24 hours. Now, however, the game has hit all of its stretch goals, the latest and last being the $1 million one.

The $1 million stretch goal adds in a mini-campaign that adds in an extra 4-5 hours to the game and the ability to import your high-karma Hong Kong character.

An update from developers Harebrained Schemes says that any money pledged beyond the $1 million mark will go towards tackling any 'problems that crop up during production'.

There is just under a day left to pledge funds towards the game. Head on over to the Kickstarter page if you want more info or to contribute to its funding.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is scheduled for a mid-2015 release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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