Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate review – RPG rewards patience

Despite being a phenomenon in Japan, Monster Hunter has gone largely unnoticed in Britain.

And it’s not hard to see why: this is an RPG that requires significant time investment. Gamers must craft weapons and hunt monsters that gradually increase in size and challenge. It’s a slow, gruelling game with reams of text and a cast of infuriating characters.

Yet persevere and Monster Hunter’s depth and charm will show. Crafting and taking down bigger beasts can become an obsession that lasts hundreds of hours. Meanwhile, this new iteration, also a launch title for the revamped 3DS, improves things with inventive weapons and monsters, vibrant and colourful environments, plus an essential and more accessible tutorial. Furthermore, the game’s co-op mode – by far the best thing about the franchise – has been improved significantly with the addition of online play. Clearly then, not for everyone, but for fans of deep RPGs, Monster Hunter 4 is an excellent adventure.

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