Dota 2 New Bloom Festival event details revealed

Dota 2 New Bloom 2015 Winter Wyvern 1

Valve have released details about the new Winter Wyvern hero, Crystal Maiden's Arcana set, and more.

The third day for Dota 2's New Bloom Festival update has arrived, and with it comes a whole bunch of details about the upcoming additions to the game.

As we thought, and it was pretty obvious anyway, Winter Wyvern will be added to the game as a new hero. She uses ice-based attacks to damage enemies and support her team mates.

A new Arcana item set is now available to pre-order for Crystal Maiden too, which features a cute wolf pup called Aurora. The item set comes with other unique features such as new animations for abilities, custom death effects, an emoticon, and more.

The Dota 2 map will take on a New Bloom theme, complete with lanterns and fireworks, all in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

For players that bought the International Compendium last year they will find a new item in their armoury, which changes up Spectre's voice.

The update brings in many more additions and changes, including hero tweaks, a new effigy block, community-created item sets, and more. Check out the full update details over here.

If you want to try out new hero Winter Wyvern you should fire up the Dota 2 Test build, as she is on there now. The update should hit the full game within the next day or two, we expect.

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