WWE Monday Night Raw Results 09th Feb 2015 Pt:1


Rating and Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

After last week’s results leading to a match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns at fast lane we expected this week’s episode to include a lot of focus on the two title contenders; we weren’t disappointed.

Raw began with Roman Reigns in the ring; he spoke about Daniel Bryan, The Authority and Wrestlemania. It didn’t take long for Daniel Bryan to join him. Bryan talked about their match at Fastlane, saying that Reigns was bigger and stronger than him, that they were equal on looks and that he was the better wrestler. The Authority then came out and announced the first match.

Segment Rating 6/10

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns Vs. Big Show & Kane

This wasn’t a bad match but it was nothing special. There was a decent section with Bryan dominating Big Show but it was short lived after Bryan went to the top turnbuckle to jump on Big Show and Kane, only for them to catch him. Kane then took control but Bryan managed to get the Yes Lock on him. Big Show interrupts before Kane taps out and forces a disqualification by throwing Bryan into the time keeping area. Reigns then broke up the attack before Big Show tried to use a chair on him. Reigns tuned the attack, stealing the chair and beating Big Show with it. Bryan then goes to attack Kane but hits Reigns by mistake. They face off and Triple H makes an announcement before it kicks off. He says that they will be teaming up again later on as they face Big Show, Kane, Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury in a 5 on 2 handicap match.

Match Rating 6/10


Seth Rollins Vs. Ryback

Again this was an OK match. Rollins and Ryback work well together and they both took control convincingly, unfortunately the match ended before it really got going as Ryback got Rollins in position for Shellshock. This was interrupted by J&J Security giving the match a boring end. Rollins was of course disqualified and that was that.

Match Rating 6/10


Paige Vs. Brie Bella

Following last week’s disgusting “match”, during which the Bella Twins attacked Paige with Fake Tan and bemoaning her pale skin, it was good to see Paige given the chance to get revenge. Paige started well and dominated Brie before we saw the predictable Brie Mode running knee segment. This was another short match as Nikki tried to interfere, only for Paige to throw Brie against the ropes to knock her to the floor. Paige then hit Rampaige and it was all over. We’re glad that Paige was given the chance to beat Brie after last week and let’s hope that she can get her full revenge at Fastlane when she faces Nikki for the Diva’s Championship.

Match Rating 6/10


Rusev & Lana were next to the ring, offering up a tribute to John Cena. They decided to “Honour” him with a video reel of his career, concentrating on the losses. Cena soon came down the ramp and exchanged insults with Rusev and Lana. Rusev then attacked Cena on the entrance ramp and they brawled. Cena had a noticeable black eye and Rusev used that to his advantage, hitting him with a savage eye rake. Rusev then threw Cena against the LED screen before trying to apply The Accolade. Referees then appeared and broke up the fight. The feud between Rusev and Cena is certainly building and we still aren’t sure if WWE Creative are planning on ending Rusev’s unbeaten streak at Fastlane but it’s certainly going to be a great match.

Segment Rating 8/10


Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bray Wyatt

Last week we were treated to a great match between Ziggler and Wyatt and yet again they delivered. We all know how talented they both are so it should be no surprise that they can put on a great match. That said there are a lot of extremely talented wrestlers in the world’s biggest wrestling promotion and we are often treated to mediocre matches so perhaps we should be praising their dedication. It was back and forth all match and it was visible how much they were putting into the match as Wyatt was soon bleeding heavily from his nose. The match ended after a series of near falls that were followed by a brutal clothesline on the outside by Wyatt. Ziggler was turned inside out by the impact and was seemingly out cold. Wyatt picked him up and rolled him into the ring before finishing him off with a Sister Abigail.

Match Rating 9/10


Next we got to see the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar and his manager Paul Heyman. As expected Heyman did all of the talking and who could blame him, he’s a master of the mic after all. To be fair he didn’t have much to say really, he spoke about Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, saying that they couldn’t beat the one in twenty one and one.

Segment Rating 7/10


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