Star Wars Humble Bundle updated with more games

Three more games have been squeezed into the roster on offer for Steam users.

A week ago Humble Bundle started up a new offer over on its website which brought together some great games from the Star Wars franchise. And, as promised, more games have now been added to the selection.

There are three extra games on offer; Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast; Star Wars: Starfighter; and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

The three new additions have been squeezed in with the second tier, meaning you need to pay more than the average (currently $11.47) to receive them all, plus the first tier of games that is made up of KotoR, Jedi Academy, and Dark Forces.

Considering the average is only around 50 cents off of the top tier (pay $12 or more), you may want to consider just picking that up, that way you get everything in the bundle - a total of 12 games.

Check out the Star Wars Humble Bundle over here for more info and to purchase. You have just over 6 days left until the offer ends.

Another bundle started up this week on the site too; the "Adventures!" bundle. Take a look over here for more info.

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