Dota 2 New Bloom update moves forward with fun comic

Dota 2 New Bloom Festival 2015 comic screen 1

Crystal Maiden makes a deal with new Dota 2 hero Winter Wyvern in this new comic for the New Bloom Festival event.

Cast your mind back to Dota 2's Nemesis Assassin event about 3 months ago, when a comic called 'The Contract' was shown which featured Phantom Assassin and Oracle. Well, Valve have done the same with the upcoming New Bloom Festival event, but this time the comic ("The New Neighbours") features Crystal Maiden and incoming hero addition Winter Wyvern.

The comic is pretty short, but entertaining nontheless. It sees Crystal Maiden investigating the deaths of livestock in her realm, and discovers a dragon has uninvitedly moved into the area.

We imagine the update will be applied to Dota 2 in the next few days, as it's centered around Chinese New Year which is on Thursday next week. And it only took a couple of days for the Nemesis Assassin update to be applied following its comic - so let's hope New Bloom follows a similar schedule.

Take a look at the new comic over here.

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