New footage of Worlds Adrift from Surgeon Simulator creators

Worlds Adrift concept 1

Real crossbow physics, crafting, and the in-game inventory UI are shown.

When the Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread creators, Bossa Studios, revealed their latest game a couple of months ago we could easily see it was going to be quite different from the aforementioned titles.

Worlds Adrift is still in early development, and very little is known about it, but producer Herb Liu shows off where they're up to right now with the project, and it's looking pretty interesting.

In the new video below the Herb shows a couple of the game's features, such as a multitool which the player character carries in order to harvest, repair, and craft. And an inventory UI is also shown along with the crafting of a crossbow, which is then used in a crossbow fight with other players using realistic physics.

You should check out the Worlds Adrift blog for more info and further updates.

Thanks, VG247.

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