Yeah Boyyy! Straight Outta Compton Trailer Released

Straight Outta Compton Trailer Screenshot

First trailer for the NWA Biopic has been released with an intro from Dr Dre and Ice Cube.

We all know who they are and we all know where they came from but now we have the first trailer for the movie that'll tell us how it happened. That's right it's time for a first look at the biopic of Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, MC Ren and DJ Yella, more commonly known as N.W.A.

The trailer is introduced by Dr Dre and Ice Cube themselves and takes in the sights and sounds of Compton, or at least a highly glamorized Compton. We see them meeting old friends and other characters from the area before the trailer begins.

Warning! This is a Red Band trailer and is NSFW!

Straight Outta Compton will tell the story of NWA's origins and their meteoric, and highly inflammatory, rise to fame. Let's not forget that this all takes place in an America in the middle of race riots and police brutality, something that N.W.A were never afraid to share their opinion on, doing as much to raise awareness of the issues as they did to build the tension. 

Of course the original members will not be playing themselves in the movie and they seem to have spent a lot of time searching for the right actors for the job, which doesn't necessarily mean they are experienced. The movie will star Corey Hawkins (Non-Stop, Iron Man 3) as Dr Dre, O'Shea Jackson Jr as Ice Cube, Aldis Hodge (Leverage, A Good Day to Die Hard, The After) as MC Ren, Jason Mitchell (Contraband, Dragon Eyes, Broken City) as Eazy-E and Neil Brown Jnr (Never Back Down, Fast & Furious, Battle Los Angeles) as DJ Yella. Soem of you may well be wondering why O'Shea Jackson Jnr has no movies after his name, well this is his first movie. He's also the son of Ice Cube and they really look alike. Joining the cast paying N.W.A. will be Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Saving Private Ryan, The Illusionist) as Jerry Heller, co-founder of Ruthless Records.

Many people may have been expecting this to be a glamorous and egotistical biopic but by the looks of the trailer it will be gritty and realistic.

We will be sure to give this a review as soon as it comes out as this is looking like a must see movie.


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