Battlefield Hardline beta has attracted over 6 million players

Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Screen 3

Hardline pulled in more players than Destiny's beta did last year.

The Battlefield Hardline open beta, which ends tonight, has currently brought in over 6 million players worldwide.

The news comes from an announcement made by developer Visceral Games' VP and general manager Steve Papoutsis on EA's news blog.

"We’re thrilled that now more than six million of you have gotten your hands on the game," wrote Papoutsis.

"We appreciate the response and feedback we have gotten from you in the forums, on social media and while playing with you online.

"Now, I know what you’re asking yourself. We’re just five weeks away from the launch ofBattlefield Hardline, how could we possibly be acting on that feedback?

"Well, I can assure you we are. In fact, we’ve already been prioritizing changes for things fans are talking about. So you’ve still got a chance to be heard."

GameSpot noted that Hardline's number of testers surpassed Bungie's Destiny last year, which brought in 4.6 million, but Hardline also has an advantage by being on PC and being part of a big franchise already.

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