Three months to go: NHS most important issue

NHS Hospital

In three months Brits will go the polls in what is possibly the most uncertain election in decades.

YouGov’s latest poll, for the Sun, gives Labour a one point lead over the Tories (33%-32%). In third, comes UKIP on 15%. Additionally, the poll puts the Liberal Democrats in a clear fourth place on 9%, ahead of the Greens on just 5%.

The poll continues to indicate how close the general election will be at the top. However, at the bottom, the poll suggests a widening in the gap between the Lib Dems and Greens, as recent YouGov polls have had the two parties fighting it out for fourth place.

Could Labour have the upper hand? Another new poll, from Populus suggests that Labour have a three point lead over the Tories (34%-31%). In line with the YouGov poll, it puts UKIP in a clear third place on 16%, whilst also putting the Liberal Democrats ahead of the Greens (8%-5%).

However, whilst we have no idea who will win the election, polls indicate what the most important issues will be when voters cast their ballots. A new Economist/Ipsos-Mori poll suggests that the NHS is the most important issue facing the UK today (up twelve points). 45% of respondents said this particular issue. The rise in concern over the issue could show that Labour is making progress by making the NHS a key part of their campaign. On the other hand, it could be over the prospect of an A&E crisis.

The second most important issue concerning voters is, according to the poll, immigration, which has fallen from first place (34% picked this). This issue is marginally ahead of the economy on third place (33%).

Overall, the election looks as unpredictable as it was two months ago. Will those intending to vote UKIP stick with the party? Will old Lib Dem voters support Labour or will they flirt with the Greens? Can David Cameron and his party convince the voters they deserve a second chance?

With the days until the election shrinking in numbers it still looks as if by the day of the election, we still might have no idea what the results could be.


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