Live Action Legend of Zelda TV Series in Development

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

Netflix working on a live action series based on The Legend of Zelda.

Netflix are working closely with Nintendo to develop a live action series based around their smash hit game franchise, The Legend of Zelda. The Wall Street Journal have revealed that the series will be based in the land of Hyrule and will follow Link on his quest to rescue Princess Zelda and save the land. 

No major details have been revealed about the series but Netflix have said that the series will be "Game of Thrones for a family audience". We can already hear the chatter of nervous teeth at the words "family audience" but let's remain hopeful that they can produce a series as epic and legendary as the games. A tall order indeed but it is still early days so let's wait to see how it pans out.

Nintendo have had some major ups and downs when it comes to getting their games on the big screen from the immensely popular Pokemon series to the incredibly dividing 1993 Super Mario Bros movie. Lets not forget that we have already seen Link ply his trade on TV screens in the 1989 Legend of Zelda animated series, which many fans have fond memories of.

There are of course many story arcs that they could be explored and many will be hoping that they follow the Ocarina of Time story arc. Ocarina of Time saw Link set out on a quest to stop King Ganondorf of the Gerudo Tribe from stealing the legendary Triforce, the sacred relic of Hyrule that grants it's owners wishes. That story would make a great TV series with it's time travelling antics and tense story telling.

Whether you are for or against a live action version of The Legend of Zelda this news is certainly intriguing and we can't wait to see how it develops.


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