First Persona 5 gameplay footage revealed

Persona 5 first gameplay trailer screen 1

A stylish new trailer reveals a first glimpse at the PS3 and PS4 exclusive's gameplay.

Ok, let me put something out there first of all. I haven't played a Persona game for many, many years. I played Persona 3 a fair bit, and some of 4, and I would never class myself as being a big fan, or knowing a lot about the series. But, I do remember them fondly, and know I had a lot of fun with them. And when I watched the new footage for the latest game in the series, it gave me the nostalgia-tingles.

I don't know much about Persona 5, and from doing a bit a research it appears the internet, and the world, doesn't either.

Here's what we do know - the game is being developed by Atlus, developers of the many other Persona games. Persona 5 is due to be released on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles, however there is no release date set other than '2015'.

Persona 5's producer, Katsura Hashino, has also written a letter on the Atlus website, which I've put for you below as a more condensed version (thanks, VG247):

"Good evening to you all. Persona Team’s Hashino here.

For this game, we’re going with a challenge that fuses together a juvenile school setting that is as large as life, together with a picaresque romance. In the previous game, we wrote a story that involved having a justice group chase down a bad guy that could easily be feared by just about anyone.

This time, it’s about a group of high school students that are being “chased” by unexpected occurrences due to the justice they believe in. We’re writing [the story] to convey a thrilling everyday life in the shoes of these characters, that are as large as life, in this juvenile school setting.

We, the team, are working together as we advance through development so you can enjoy something with evolved graphics and sound, along with party members that are just a tad bit more ill-behaved than what you’ve been used to up until now.

We all have so many feelings that are going into this title. While this is a product by Atlus that is known for its individualistic side, some say that a strong personality can break away from common rules and models… so it can be seen as a nuisance as well.

However, the way we see a person’s character, it can spread to others for good or for bad, and it can even change the way another would think or behave… and that’s the potential power we see in it.

We may feel some sort of suffocation in this world today, but as long as the world is comprised of relationships among humans, it is a person’s character, or a group’s character, that will provide the ‘power’ to destroy that ‘feeling of entrapment’.

I’m hoping that this title will shape up into something that can embody such feelings, and something that will remain in your hearts.

In order to meet all of your expectations, even just a little, the development team staff are working hard, so I’d like to say thank you for your continued support!

Katsura Hashino"

Finally, here's the trailer. Enjoy!

Thanks, VG27, and Siliconera.

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