Dark Ness vs Little Mac in this Smash fan video

Live Action Super Smash Bros Little Mac vs Dark Ness 1

A new live-action Super Smash Bros. fan video has us impressed.

Whether you're an avid Super Smash Bros. player or not, you need to watch this impressive fan tribute to the game.

YouTube user Tim Wang has uploaded the below video which pits Super Smash veteran Ness, against Punch Out!!'s, and Smash newcomer, Little Mac.

Ness isn't himself, however, as Wang points out that this is 'Dark Ness', who is on a mission to destroy all other video game characters. Little Mac faces the evil little guy's baseball bat first.

The video's CGI is well done, and the fight choreography is fast-paced and professional-looking. Who will win!? Find out below.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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