WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd February 2015 Pt:2


Rating & Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Last week’s Raw was cancelled due to “bad weather”, something that WWE will have been pleased about considering the WWE Universes emotions following the disappointing Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Instead we were treated to a number of studio based interview segments of little interest.

In the first part of this week's Raw we heard Triple H's announcement, saw Roman Reigns face Big Show, Dean Ambrose & Curtis Axel scrapped, The Ascension faced Gold & Stardust, Ryback took on Luke Harper and Jimmy Uso fought Cesaro. 

To read up on those events click the below link.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd February 2015 Pt: 1


Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bray Wyatt

The crowd were pumped to see Ziggler again and who better than Bray Wyatt to pit him against. Ziggler and Wyatt are two superstars who always give their all to a match and are both capable of creating convincing feuds. This, as expected, was an amazing matchup. It was a classic rollercoaster of a match, neither superstar dominated for long and it was fast paced and technically brilliant. The crowd bought every twist and you could tell that Ziggler and Wyatt knew it. The match came to an end after Ziggler hit the Fameasser but was immediately hit by a Sister Abigail. This allowed Wyatt to get the pin and the crowd loved it. We have to see them face off again and we’re seriously hoping that this develops into a major feud.

Match Rating 10/10

Paige Vs. Alicia Fox

This match was an utter disgrace, not because of the result or the wrestling but because of the horrific way it ended. We will discuss this after the match review. Oh wait it’s done already. There was no real match as it was interrupted after about a minute by The Bella Twins who had been sat at the announce table, moaning about Paige’s look, including her pale complexion. They entered the ring as Alicia held Paige down and they then covered her in fake tan. We can’t begin to explain how shocking this was. In a time when girls are being forced to look a certain way Paige is a great role model, not conforming to the fake tan, plastic airhead look. WWE seeming think it’s ok to belittle that and we just hope that WWE Creative are planning some serious retribution to this poor decision.

Match Rating 0/10

The Miz Vs. Sin Cara

The match started with Mizdow joining Miz and continuing his mimicking of The Miz. Miz gets angry and tells him to stand at the side of the ring and not move. Sin Cara is impressive as always, flying around the ring and constantly getting one over on The Miz, who was getting more and more distracted by the crowd chanting for Mizdow. Suddenly the crowd erupted as Mizdow decided he’d had enough of standing still and jumped onto the ring apron. Miz pushes him back down and starts to unload on Sin Cara. Miz was doing well but he lost his way after gloating to the crowd, who booed. Mizdow then raised his hands and the crowd cheered. Miz was distracted and Sin Cara got a cheeky rollup on Miz to win.

Match Rating 7/10

We were then treated to a Bray Wyatt promo, aimed at an unknown opponent. He talks about how he is the new darkness and that the un-named opponent is in the past, a previous face of fear that is loved by the crowd. This is clearly an introduction into an upcoming feud, but who could he be talking to? Our money is on The Undertaker, which would be one hell of a match but it’s shame that Ziggler appears out of the picture already as their match was brilliant.

Segment Rating 8/10

Rusev Vs. Erick Rowan

This match never got going as Rusev attacked Rowan before he entered the ring. It was brutal assault, with Rusev meaning business. Rowan was given a serious hiding and the match never started. That said Rusev’s attack showed his versatility as a wrestler and wasn’t the usual big guy attack that he usually employs. He eventually applied The Accolade on Rowan until he passed out. Lana then introduced a video aimed at John Cena. The video talked about America, land of the weak, and showed Rusev destroying various appointments. After this the traditional Russian flag ending failed to fall properly, causing Rusev to get angry and wave a smaller flag around the ring.

Match/Segment Rating 7/10

Seth Rollins Vs. Daniel Bryan

As Triple H had announced earlier the winner of this match would go to Fastlane and fight Roman Reigns for a headline match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. It’s safe to say that Daniel Bryan is well and truly back. He looked great, running around the ring and delivering some great moves, concentrating his attack on Seth Rollins’ arm. He applied a series of locks and twists. At one point we had to put up with yet more interruptions from J&J security who attacked Bryan while the referee was distracted. Big Show soon came down to ringside to aid Rollins with some further distractions. The match then became a classic, with both superstars taking control and some brilliant twists. Following a huge Suplex from the top turnbuckle Bryan played dead and tricked Rollins into the Yes Lock. He almost tapped out but he just made it to the rope. Some more interference from Big Show forced Roman Reigns into making his way to the ring. Reigns then attacked Big show with a huge Spear, followed by another spear on Joey Mercury. With the referee distracted Jamie Noble tried to hit Bryan with the Money In the Bank briefcase, the referee spotted it and took the briefcase away. This allowed Reigns to hit Rollins with the Superman Punch, knocking him out for Bryan to pin.

Match Rating 9/10

This means that it will be Daniel Bryan Vs. Roman Reigns at Fastlane, winner goes on to headline Wrestlemania and fight Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It feels as though WWE Creative are trying to fix the mistakes of Royal Rumble, whether this means Reigns will still win is unclear but it will be fun finding out.



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