WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd February 2015 Pt: 1


Rating & Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Last week’s Raw was cancelled due to “bad weather”, something that WWE will have been pleased about considering the WWE Universes emotions following the disappointing Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Instead we were treated to a number of studio based interview segments of little interest.

Going into this week’s Raw Triple H had promised a huge announcement so what would it be? Clearly something needed to be addressed with regards to Roman Reigns’ victory.

Triple H didn’t waste any time, kicking off the show by coming to the ring with Stephanie McMahon and gloating about the Superbowl win. They then talked about the Rumble and mocked those who petitioned to cancel WWE Network subscriptions. A pretty low move, not just as heels but also in a business sense, mocking unhappy customers and proving how little the company cares about its fans. He then went on to make the first part of his announcement. He called out Sting, challenging him to a face to face confrontation at Fastlane. This significantly gives credibility to the rumours of Triple H Vs. Sting at Wrestlemania. After his announcement he said that Roman Reigns shouldn’t headline Wrestlemania. Reigns then came to the ring and Steph told him he wasn’t good enough to fight Brock Lesnar. Before he could respond Daniel Bryan came to the ring, claiming that he is owed a title shot. Triple H agrees with him and then Seth Rollins came to the ring, furious that he is being left out. To appease everyone Triple H announces a match between Rollins and Bryan later that night. The winner of the match would face Reigns at Fastlane for a title shot at Wrestlemania. Reigns can’t believe what he’s hearing but Steph convinces him that it’s the right thing to do. Reigns eventually agrees.

Segment Rating 6/10

Roman Reigns Vs. Big Show

This was genuinely awful match. Reigns seemed off the pace and Big Show was overselling hits and knocks like it was 1988 again. There really isn’t much more to say about the match, it eventually ended predictably after yet more interference from J&J Security along with Seth Rollins. Reigns had been on an unconvincing rise in the match but Big Show hit a chokeslam and pinned him. If Reigns is ever going to get over with the crowd again he needs to avoid matches like this.

Match Rating 5/10

Curtis Axel was the next superstar to come to the ring. He was annoyed about the Royal Rumble, claiming that he actually won it as he was never eliminated, having not made it to the ring in the first place. He then has a rant at The Authority, claiming he should have a title match a Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose then came to the ring and threw Axel over the top rope before saying “Now you’ve been eliminated”. He then says that he is going after Bad News Barrett and the Intercontinental Championship. Axel got back in the arena and attacked Ambrose but he quickly dealt with him.

Segment Rating 7/10

The Ascension Vs. Gold & Stardust

This wasn’t a bad match but it was nothing special either. We were overjoyed that WWE were finally giving The Ascension some proper matches and their display at Royal Rumble was impressive. This felt a little like a step back but that may be down to a genuinely poor match. Gold & Stardust weren’t on form and The Ascension seemed a little sloppy. What could have been a brilliant match ended quickly, Stardust was being overpowered so Goldust pulled him to the corner and tagged himself in but his fight back didn’t last long as The Ascension hit Fall of Man.

Match Rating 6/10

Backstage Stardust goes crazy, muttering to himself and pacing back & forth. Goldust tries to get through to him eventually shouting at him and calling him Cody. Stardust looks his brother in the face and tells him never to say that name again before storming off. It seems as though the brothers’ time as a tag team is coming to an end, which is a real shame, but it could be an interesting feud if played right.

Segment Rating 7/10

John Cena was next to the ring, he talked about the Authority, repeating his stance that they make him stronger by opposing him. He then invites Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler to the ring. He welcomes them back before Stephanie McMahon appears on the Titantron to arrange some more matches for the night. Ziggler will face Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan will face Rusev and Ryback would have him match right away.


Ryback Vs. Luke Harper

This was a good solid match, Ryback started well, powering through Harper until his domination was cut short by a stunning Dropkick. With the tide turned Harper takes control of the match, delivering a series of Big Boots and high power punches. Ryback tried to get back into it but Harper again cut him short with a massive side slam. Ryback eventually regained his composure, knocking Harper off his feet a number of times, allowing Ryback to hit Shellshock and pin him. Whether this is setting up a new feud for Ryback and Harper is unclear but we would certainly be happy to see them fight again.

Match Rating 7/10

Jimmy Uso Vs. Cesaro

It is safe to say that The Usos are becoming predictable, you know what moves they will perform and they are always predictably performed. Most superstars repeat moves and especially their signatures but it usually comes from some build up, unfortunately this isn’t the case with The Usos. This wasn’t a bad match in the end, despite the same old moves from Jimmy Uso. Once Jimmy had got all of his usual stuff out of the way it became an exciting match, Cesaro dominated, hitting the Cesaro Swing that was quickly followed by a Half Boston Crab. Cesaro continues to Dominate Jimmy until the end, when Jimmy turned the tide briefly, getting Cesaro in place for a Big Splash. Jimmy flies but Cesaro is lightning quick to his feet, delivering a European Uppercut to Jimmy who was still in mid-air.

Match Rating 8/10

We then went to Damien Mizdow backstage, who was seen preparing a fruit salad for The Miz. They are interrupted by a fan asking for autographs. Miz obliges but the fan says he actually wanted Mizdow’s autograph. Mizdow signs the photo and Miz tears it up. He berates Mizdow, firing him as his stunt double and then rehiring him as a PA. Finally we are starting to see the fall of Miz and Mizdow; we can’t wait for it to come to a head and for Mizdow to defeat Miz in the ring, hopefully using The Miz’s moves.

Segment Rating 8/10

Next was John Cena, who was backstage with Erick Rowan. Rowan thanked Cena for standing up for him. He said no one had ever done anything nice for him before. He then tells Cena that he will repay his debt by defeating Rusev later. Cena tells him not to underestimate Rusev as he’s a dangerous opponent. Could this be the start of a new team? Cena and Rowan could work well together and it’s about time Cena has some support of his own for when he faces The Authority.

Segment Rating 7/10


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WWE Monday Night Raw Results 02nd February 2015 Pt:2


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